Ancestral Healing

Giles has helped me get to a place where I feel alive and moving towards my life’s purpose again. He has been gentle, wise, kind and trustworthy. I highly recommend his guidance.”

– Holly

Hello, My name is Giles Charlé (he/his), I am a builder, artist, and ancestral healing practitioner.  My work is rooted in northern European pagan cosmology, conflict engagement, and healing historical harms.  I practice and teach:  

  • Seidr (ancestral communication)
  • Útiseti (outsiting, contemplation/meditation)  
  • Galdr (healing tongue, chanting)
  • Rune Craft (divination) 
  • Þreifa (touch with healing hands)

These practices are rooted in lore passed down since ancient times, meticulously collected and shared by elders still living and thriving today.  These practices are intended to be healing, restorative, and transformative for all, but are particularly useful in understanding and coming to terms with historical harms inflicted and continually perpetuated by the European diaspora.  Those of us, of this Folk, are tasked with reclaiming our Old Ways of knowing in order to address these harms and their devastating impact on all of us.   

I am available for:

  • One on one healing, guidance, and support
  • Group ritual, facilitation, and conflict resolution.  
  • Workshops or classes on the above topics

My work with clients includes exploration of the client’s unique history.  We connect with ancestors that have guidance and information to share, and we work to develop daily practices and studies that are specific to the client and their needs.  In this work, we welcome in whatever stories are alive to be shared, emotions that are present to feel, and wisdom that’s available to learn from. My priority is to support and empower my clients in developing their own capacity to heal, lead, and support themselves and their Kin (family), Kith (friends), and Folk into higher knowing and thriving.

For a free consultation call 

(503) 852-1025


Giles is an incredible healer. His calm and caring demeanor has really provided a safe haven for getting to the core of roadblocks in my own healing journey.”


“I have felt supported and uplifted in my healing and transformation process through accessing his vast array of practical tools, frameworks, and experiences dealing with conflict, both relational and internal.”


“Thoughtful, present and amazingly powerful. I always look forward to my time with Giles.”


“Easy going, fun to work with, and magical.”

– Sam

“[Giles] helped me to develop my own self-healing practices that have greatly improved my life, and for that I am forever grateful!”


“Giles was extremely accurate in where it was that I needed guidance. I really appreciate his quiet, intuitive wisdom. It comes from a deep place. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”


“Giles has helped me push myself into transforming old patterns into new ones. He has the ability to tell if you are aligning honestly with ones higher self.”


“I feel fundamentally safe and supported in my time with Giles, and prefer the casual yet respectful dynamic that we work in over more typical therapist/counselor to patient ways of relating.”


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