About The Artist

I have been enthralled with calendars and day keeping since I was young and it has only been the past few years since I have discovered the art as it is practiced in my own ancestral tradition.  But since then I have burned with passion to immerse myself and learn.   Though the information that I present has been researched and is based on historical and archaeological evidence, I am not a professional scholar of any kind.  And though I have been rigorous in the source material I choose to work with, this to me is far from an intellectual exercise.  I am a craftsman by trade and animist paganism is my faith.  I am called to build things that help me, and others experience the world as alive. 

Resurrecting a runic calendar has been a great journey of discovering and reconnecting with my Germanic ancestry.  I know that there is so much more to learn and the Galdorcraft Calendar for me is a tool to do just that: to track the passing of time the way that so many have done before.

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