Ring 2: The World Tree

There stands an ash called Yggdrasil,

A mighty tree showered in white hail.

From there come the dews that fall in the valleys.

It stands evergreen above Urd’s Well.

(Völuspá,  the Poetic Edda)

As we move out to the 2nd ring from the center, we find the year broken up into 12 sections with each being represented by a color: yellow, red, blue, or white. These correspond to The Zodiac and help us start to organize each Zodiac sign with the cardinal directions.  We have access to Yggdresel, the world tree. Our form is modeled after its form.  We are not just physically related, but spiritually and psychologically linked as well.  When we, as an individual world tree, tune into the greater world tree using breath, movement and sound, we gain access to the nine worlds and the wisdom of these places.  When we orient or ground ourselves where we are, we gain access to the wisdom of the place and of our whole self. 

Ring 3: The Anglo-Saxon Lunar Months

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