Runic Year Calculation

The GaldorCraeft Calendar helps us align the cycles of cosmic order and thus intelligence.  Traditionally time keeping was a revered practice that took much patience, time, and precision to master.  My hope is that The GaldorCraeft Calendar is accessible to many, while still maintaining all of its potency.  Some will enjoy it as a beautiful piece of art, some as a historical artifact, and some will be called to go deeper into its complexity, mystery, and power.  

So let’s get oriented to the Calendar by finding the current year, month and date. We will start by finding the year, which involves some very simple math. Don’t worry you can do it. 

Step 1: Calculating The Rune Year  

Divide the current Gregorian calendar year, which in this case is 2020, by 19.  If you understandably don’t want to write out long division, simply use your calculator and you get 106.3157… Multiply 19 by 106 to get 2014.  Then subtract 2014 from 2020 and we get 6, which means that 2020 is year 6 in the 19 year cycle.

Let’s do another one! Say we want to find out what year in the 19 year cycle 1982 is. We start by dividing 1982 by 19 and get 104.315…  Now drop the numbers after the decimal point and multiply 104 by 19.  This gives you 1976.  Now subtract 1976 from 1982 and you get 6.  1982 is also the 6th year in a 19 year cycle.  1982 was 38 years ago or 19 plus 19 years ago. 

The formula is: 

YEAR/19 = A

19 x A (not including the decimal numbers if there are any) = B

YEAR – B = year # in the 19 year cycle

Step 2: Finding the Rune Year

Use the quick ring reference to locate the 5th ring.  This ring is the first year in the 19 year lunisolar cycle and has the Rune ᚠ Feyu in it.  Now count 6 rings moving further towards the outer circle.  Now we are back to the the Rune ᚴ Cen.  This is the Rune for all of 2020.   Just like in the 23rd ring, as you follow the ring around, every time the rune Cen appears, that is when a new moon/ beginning of a month will be happening in this year.  Again, the 23rd ring contains all the information that rings 5 through 22 contain.   

Step 3: Finding the Corresponding Gregorian month and day

Using the quick ring reference above, locate the ring that contains the Gregorian Calendar dates (ring number four).  Locate the month and day that you want to look up.  Now follow the line of that day towards the outside rings until you come to the rune Cen again (or whichever year you are looking up). Now you have found the “you are here mark” on the calendar and you can begin following the progression of days.

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